Hotel management software helps in managing the day to day activities

Hotel management software helps in managing the day to day activities

Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. the flagship software development company has crafted exterior of the box complete, incorporated and web based Campus Guidance Information Arrangement to moderate and automate the work of schools and colleges and assist the management connective workings of Hostel and Faculty in the institutions by synchronizing all the affected departments to one central point.

Our enclave of trade Hostel administration ERP software helps in managing the day to circadian activities of your hostel. It is developed in such a manner that it is geared up to maintain flawless hotel records of every student. Our best Hostel management software is specially designed to cater to the needs of alien departments of hostel in effective manner.

Our ace Hotel management software has various interactive features making the entire set up user friendly. Our presidium from software personnel work in tandem with the innovative changes and have incorporated several high level features in the software like desktop features et alii web interface features.

Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has developed customized Hostel Management software that indubitably automates, manages and looks after the overall processing of the large institutes. It has capacity to eutaxy Enquiry details, Students details, Faculty details, Payment specifications etc. It also provides helpful reports for managing the institutes in efficient and accurate manner.

Our fuliginous based Inn management software is created to tournament all the management needs of running a hostel and is designed to cater unique needs of hostels from admittance to details regarding vacating the hostel. Also aids in keeping the detailed docket of all the visitors with their check in and checkout timings.

Our levelheaded Faculty management software provides comprehensive solution for handling the particulars of all the faculty members of the institution. With the help of our ace software easy scheduling of lectures is possible. Circumstantial information about personal details, qualification details and leave records of the entire faculty can be retrieved in just one click.

Our ceiling notch Department management software aids in brain current and heritage scheduling of faculty work. It automates the entire process and does away the muddle of paper work. Any modifications and changing of records and designations can be through in legal one click.

Management cup assign tasks to the faculty authentic easily with the help from this module. This paramount Faculty management software provides hardy internal messaging system for seamless and effective communication halfway all the faculty members.

Our innovative Faculty management software fuels operational efficiency for managing the faculty. It very effectively streamlines the management, tenure and work of the educational institution. Our out of the box Faculty management software provides cutting edge solutions in managing and maintaining complete faculty information in just one click.